Thursday, November 10, 2011

speCial sOmethinG abOut al-Falah

actually this pOst is just fOr fun..

sOmebOdy migHt ask.
"what sO speCial With yOur class (3AF)?"
want to know ?
well, our class is one of the mOst "perFect class"
we alL have such different Character, but we all can still united.
we gOt the besT "class Teacher", the best "monitOr" and a lOt mOre.
maybe sometimes sOme Of us creates prOblems,
but still we're family we go through hard times together
*except when it cOmes to arguing with each Other
knOw what? i'm surely gOnna miss my time with them.
just like when i'm in 6D in my secOndary schoOl.
i really miss them, and even when sOme Of us are in the diffrent schoOl..
we stilL cOntact eacH Other.
& wheN we meeT we saY "Hi" & stuffs
Well, i've a secret to tell ..
*well,its nOt a secret nOw
i want to tell abOut my classmaTe character.
*mengikut kedudukan, start with syazwan

  • Muhd Syazwan Obong . = The Big Laugher
  • Muhd Nasha Hafizulhilmi = The Smart One
  • Farid Ariffin = The Freaky one
  • Mohd Abid Aflah = The TechnO guy
  • Jepri Rosli = mOst Quite
  • Abdul Zharfan = the Class ClOwn
  • Nur Amira Shamimi = the Weird
  • Nurun Wahyun = The sleepy genius
  • Shazwayne Arwine = tHe Stylista
  • Nur Rafidah Fifi = The mAths GeeK
  • Irdawati Rais = The FriendLy One
  • Hazma Riama = The Crazy One
  • Nurazlina = The neW cOmer
  • Nur Masturah = The sWeeteSt One
  • Noraisah = The alkaTive One
  • Nazirah = The lOugher Girl
  • Siti NurFazirah = The diVa *wannabe*[evil me]
  • Farra Diana = tHe "ayu" One
  • Nurul Shafika = the "syak" One
  • Nurul Farah Eqma = the OranGe One
  • Siti NurSyafiqah Sazwa = The HADI One
  • Rafiani Fauzi = ThE GenTle One
  • Muhd Syahmi = MachO Man
  • Hazman Afiq = The EliEn Freakz
  • Mohd Fadzli = The Bullies
  • Lukman Hadi = The Bullies
  • Mohd Hamdi = The Bluur One
  • Muhd NurSyifa = The Religious One
see ? we all have diffrent Character . wondering where i am ?
well, i wOnt tell yOu hOws mY charaCter .
asK mY frIenD .
This aRE theiR character Based On mY experient ,
nO hard feelIngs kay ?
its jUst fOr Fun
i lOve yOu gUys reallY2 ,


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