Friday, March 16, 2012


Grrrr~ Geram !
eih, sorry .
Haliew guys .
sorry ar, over sket kat atas itu :)
actually mmg tgh geram sgt2 ne ..

k, i've just finish watching RL6 .
tak tau apa tu RL6 ? bukan sportrim yer, agak2 sket .
RL6 tu Raja Lawak 6 la ..
k, speaking bout that ..
i'm in a super badmood and dissapointment to say that this is the winner @ JUARA .

i know u can read, so guess i dont have to say their name .
why am i not happy ?
cuz they s**ks !
seriously, the comedy look a lot like SEPAH !
ya, i know one of them looks suspiciously like him ..
but, for crying out loud !! dont be him !
moreover, last week they're totally BORING !
tonight? ya, they a LITTLE funny but still they 're out of the line .
they supposed to performe a DANGDUT comedy,
but what they did ?
a "ramli sarip" konsert .
whatever, go ahead with that 100k .
trust me, you wont be in that industry for long .
i'm a bad girl ? i'm a hatter ?
YES, and SO WHAT ? :p

2nd place ,

The real winner for me actually :)
they performed well in every week :)
i'm not supporting them just bcuz they're from SABAH .
its just that, the way they performe their comedy is sincerely and full of truth .
and ofcourse, ORIGINALITY .
thats why i luv them,
they're not that cute but they're sweet bha :)
the got 'YUSRI', "ANUAR ZAIN" & even 'BRUNO MARS'
in their group .
thats why they are SPECIAL :)

my most beloved scene are Radio, Musical, Tonight and also last week .
actually all their scenes are my fav but just to be a little more sfisfik *gramatical error*
eventhough they're not from any rich family, but they ask for any sympatise .
know their dad ? he cant talk :(
and he really want his children to success and change their life .
they're from KUDAT, thats why their slank a little diffrent from true Sabahan .
nevermind, i'll pray that from that 50k they've just won  ..
can change their family life and make their dad proud :)
sirely, they'll stay long in this industry :)

3rd place
Cerita Utara InsyaAllah Terhibur .
hey, i'm kinda like them a little .
they act as if they dont really care either they're won or lose :)
nice job boys :)
enjoy that 30k of yours , seriously u deserve it ..
better luck in the industry :)

i also starting to like them since last week .
the RADIO part ,
super Funny .
happy with that 10k :)

k, continue with my "un-puas hati-ness" ,
seriously, i think ASTRO repeated their taktic again .
i dont know why, but ..
seriously, i;m getting BORED with their tactik to make Sabah lose .
why do you hate Sabah so much ?
Either AF or RL,
bukti ? banyak~
there are so many Sabahan that ends up more popular than the real winner .

1) AF2
Winner : Zahid
3rd : Adam .
and now ? Adam is 9999999999km leaving Zahid behind :)

2) AF4
winner : Faizal
2nd : Lotter .
well, both actually not that active but ..
now ? Lotter is a DJ, faizal ? hurm ..

i got more, but lets just keep it in our mind .
maybe, its their fate .
but, i dont know weather you guys notice or not ..

they look happy, but by the time it all ends and they're about to say the sponser and all ..
the looks gloomy .
expecially my sayang (zizan)
my baby boo (perasaan seja)
 his handsome + cute + addorable smile
(like below)

suddenly change 98.99% .
from his "makes me cant sleep smile" to this 
he starts to look gloomy and sad .
bcuz Zero lose ? 30% maybe .
70% ? Lu pikir la sendiri :)

haha, whatever ..
everyone has their own "rezeki",
maybe Zero arent meant to be RL6 Winner .

#to Shiro, Faizal and Zahid Fan . i'm sorry if it hurts you ..
its just my opinion, no hard feeling k ?

Last but not least,
Dear Zero .. i'm your biggest fan man . good luck :)
wish u guys continue making your family proud,
and as a SABAHAN girl ..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Amcam ? oke tak ?
ooops, lupa .
Assalamualaikum ? Haliew :)
miss me ? lama tak update an ?
ada gak yg e-mail tnye, awww .. *terharu*
k, actually lma tak update sbb bizi la syg :(
school + tuition + work + mcm2 lgi la ..
so, ada masa terluang un sket je ..
never mind that,
back to the real situation ..
Cantik tak ? :)
my own photosignature . (Y)
i love to take photos .
so, i created this so that u know  .. thats mine :)
bajet ? SANGAT ! haha XD
so what rite ? my photo :)
i'm not actually a pro ,
soooo, dont expect to much from me :)
wanna check out sum of my pic ?
-->>CLICK HERE! <<--
dont forget to like that page and the pic ..
i just created it today,
so i'm expecting some more visitors and likers :)

till then,

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