Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Half of my life are my Friends

urm, look at the tittle and you'll know what am i talking about.
Haha, today i want to talk about my Best Friend.
The one that cares about me, understands me & being nice to me.
Want to know a secret ?
All my Best Friends are super cute ! XD

Name Siti NurSyafiqah Sazwa Binti Ibrahim.
Born On 30 Jan 1996.
Super cute, super annoying & super kuat dating.
haha, her beloved boy named "MOHD HADI ABD SANI"
they are so sweet together.
BlOg SazWa <- Tekan Sini

Name NorAisah Saharin.
Born On 07.09.96.
Cute, annoying, Fun & Loving.
This girl have been my friend about 5 years.
Always fight but "ok" in a few seconds.
Blog Aisah <- Sini

Nurun Wahyun Anwar.
Born on January 1996
*I forgot the date, soorryyy*
Nice, understanding, cute, and super english master.
Friend for about 8 years.

Rafiani Fauzi
31 january 1996..
Nice, cute, funny and annoying.
Fight a lot ! ahaha, still love her bha.

Named Mohd Syazwan Obong.
Born on 28 ogos 1996
*i guess*
My friend seens i'm 5.
10 years with him.
Love him ! as friend of kos.

MUhammad Nasha Hafizulhilmi.
Born on 23 May 1996
My Gemini's partner
Super Nice and funny.
Love him as my bestie for live.

p/s: i've another bestie called Nurul Farah Eqma. Sory, i've format my lappy, no pic of her.
so, heres a link to her bloggie. Blog Farah

= To all above and my other friend I LOVE YOU GUYS so much !

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