Sunday, November 13, 2011

i DiD iT !

i'm so happy today !
atlast i can coOk something that i lOve to eat.
just a simple dish actually,
"tauhu kicap" XD
penah mkn tak ?
sedap tau ~!
slalunya my mum yg msak, so today my mum was so tired..
i'm the one that have to cook for tonight.
my mum brought some "tauhu", chicken & some vegetables.
so, me and my aunty get the stuffs going.
i'll cook the tauhu, my aunt will cook the vege.
the chicken ? both of us will..
so, its the first time i;m cooking tauhu..
so i just cook, and taste it a few times.
then i ask my grandma, and she said its OK !
haha, i'm so happy ! XD

some of may think i'm a weird girl..
actually i'm so happy cOz, its the first time i coOk it and i did it nicely.
 p/s: Lets coOk !

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