Thursday, November 17, 2011

Luahan Perasaan XD

urm, iQ tak tau nak pOst apa actually..
so, antam sajalah ..

guys? korg ingt tak dlu iQ ada wat pOst psal c TETT~
yup, Tett a.k.a H-guy .
well, iQ chat with him .
and he tell me that he loves me .
want to know the truth?
actually, i do fall for him .
but, chatting with him is a little bored.
i dont know why, its just tht..
he makes me feel a bit bored.
yes, he's sweet .
but, he didnt have tht "something" .
i dont know what . actually XD

i know tht he's the type of guy tht doesnt like this
"love relationship [couple]"
so, i try to be as low profile as i can .
maybe thats what makes me feel bored.
i think i just need a bit more of him attention & "romantic-ness"
haha, broken english right? i know ~!
and maybe its becOz of him being to cool .
all i want is just chat.
just be u're self dude.
just say what ever u had in mind.
*haha, i type as if he's reading this*
seriously guys, if he can only be a little bit no effence .
maybe, haha XD

wtv it is . this guy always in my head !


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