Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lOve stOry 11

A boy and a girl wad been friend for quite a while.
suddenly, their friendship became closer.
the girl slowly falls for the boy.
but, she is afraid that the boy didnt.
so she decided to keep her feelings.
one day, the girl, the boy and their friends are hanging out together.
the girl wants to confess her feelings to the boy, but her egO stOps her.

one day, the girl recieved a fonecall from her friend.
telling her that the boy had passed away.
the girl cry, she didnt even get chance to tell the bOy she loves him.
and tell him that she needed him

~ If yOu like him/her, tell him/her..
bcos he/she 's not going to wait for you forever,

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