Sunday, November 13, 2011

iDiOt mOnkey On LappY

Oh. Em. Gee.

such tired day .
guys ? i need yOur opinion,
do help me please..
u can tell me yOur suggestion here or on my e-mail kay?
i'm falling 4 a bOy.
we've been friends for quite a while,
and i just fall for him recently.
its a sudden feeling, i dont know how on earth is that feeling came to me .
i've gave him this mOnkey bell,
& i'm a little worried that he'll think the other side of my meaning.
actually, the reason i gave him that is so he'd get a hint abOut this stupid feeling.
i dOnt knOw what to do??
well, i know I"M SO NOT HIS TYPE !
i'm the type of girl that have this nasty habit of being mean.
i'm kinda rough sometimes, & surely bOys doesnt like that !
i'm such a talkative girl, i cant stOp talking easily.
all my friends knOw, what type of girl am i?

i knOw all the abOve shOw like i'm hoping something to much from him.
well, actually . i'm nOt !

p/s: i'm nOt hOping tO much, but it doesnt mean that i'm nOt hOping at all ..

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