Friday, June 10, 2011

things i hate about boys !

Theres a few thing i hate about boys ..
and i think i'm gonna share it here oky ?

  • I Hate Smokers (Perokok)
I just hate that smell !
even my dad arent smoking ..
I grown up without smoke from cggrates oky ..
and every time i smell it i feel like i want to *vomit* ..
haha, sewiusly !
  • I Hate Alcoholic
Sewiusly, i dont want to have any further relationship with this type of guy .
as a friend InsyaAllah~! as a special one? NO WAY !
  • I Hate Liar
I guess no body like this kind of boy .
Right? hha~!
  • I Hate Heart Breaker
Just Hate boys that love to play with girl's heart .
thats rude !

  • I Hate Control Macho guys
Please !
Not all girls love such macho guys .
they like guys that are more easygoing .
  • I Hate Choosy boys
Dont be too choosy to have a girlfriend.
girl just dont like that !

- why am i writing dis ?? dont knOw ...
Just For FuN .. =)

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