Saturday, June 4, 2011

☆ characteristic of my dream boy

If oneday i want to be in a relationship,
i want a boy that at least have 3 of the characteristic of my dream boy,
he doesnt need to have all of it anyways,
The characteristic are
  1. Nice to see,
I want a boy that is not to handsome, not to cute . just as long he is nice to see .. hha~!
why? well, if we're having a too handsome or too cute Boyfriend, surely theres a lot of girl craving for his love, and surely it will be hard to hold this relationship.

2. Nice and Caring

I want a boy that is nice and caring to me. i want him to be there when i need him. i want him to help me when i'm hurt. i want boy that i'll feel safe when i'm with him, and always there to wipe my tears. i dont want a boy that dont actually care about me.

3. Funny

I want a boy that is Funny. That can make me smile when i'm with him, that cam make me laugh and hard to stop. that will always make me smile, and wont make me cry.

4. Sweet and adorable.

I want a boy that is sweet and adorable. I want him to say sweet stuff when i'm sulking and make up. i want a boy thats romantic, and willing to do anything to make me smile.

5. understand me a lot !

I want a boy that understand me and my situation. Like my situation now. i didnt have any fone, i want a boy that willing to be in a relationship wif me, and only contact each other with facebook or e-mail.

Guess thats it .  i want this characteristic, coz i want that relationship will last long .
more over, i have those character as well :p
Thanx for reading

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