Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kebakaran di muka saya !!

Selamat hari kor-kadet polis ..ngee =="
its a little bit late, at my place we just celebrate it .. (23.6)
bit, actually the day was in march ..
bcuz of some problems , in had been postpond till this month ..
i love kor-kadet day ..
its the day thats no books are needed for three days (==")

but, 1 thing i hate about it ?
the weather , its hot ..
and now ?
my muka is already hangus ..
its black owedy, and worst ..
my face skrang tgh mnglupas ...
like a snake,
*I'm not a snake !
serve me right !!
uwaaa ~!!!

when i tell my mum about this , she just say
:Serve you right, join again that kwat kaki next time ..
let your face ruined .. call the fireman to stop that fire at your face .. hha~!

uwa ! did u guys have any tips to help me ?? 
e-mail me please~!
your help is needed

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