Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cinta Kilat *Lightning Love*

tau ta apa maksud cinta kilat  ?
tak tau kn ?? hhe
Cinta Kilat means,
*jatuh hati  kpd org yg 1kali dilihat dan sbnrnya x dkenali,
dan kdg2 cinta kilat nieyh sbnrnya snang nak buang prasaan ni,
tpi .. ada jgk yg susah*

actually, aq senang kna cinta kilat ..
like just now, i've fall 4 this one boy ..
he's super cute .. and addorable ..
but, i know 1 thing ..
he's not 4 me , .. yakin sanad3 nieyh ..
knp ? sbb dya tak knal aq puwn .. hha

want to know a secret about me ?
actually, i'm a type of a girl that can
fall in love with a *pan-asian* boy within 10 seconds
seriusly !!
aQu suka tngok hdung dorg yg mancung ..
and their eyes,
for example, ... ZiZan RL
he's a mix-up right ?

gosh, i just love them <3
well, not all my ex(s) are my "cinta kilat" ..
some of them are what we call "true LOVE" ((i guess))
know what ? if one day, one of my Bf really is a pan-asian boy ..
 i'll never let him go .. hha!
well, except if he cheated .. =)

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