Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being Unperfect

i'm just an unperfect girl .
made a lot of mistakes ..
so what ? no one is perfect!
i'm a bit crazy ..
and a bit hyper ..
so what ? i'm just being me ..
not being someone else nor being hypocrites
i've a lot of pimples ..
so what ?
 if a guy really love us,
 he wont actually care about it ..
and neither should we ..
i'm an idiot ?
so what ? are you like the smartest man on earth ??
hello ~! i;m only 15, i still have to learn a lot of things ..

i've a broken heart ?
so what ?
i dont want it, i just have it ..
at least i'm not a heart breaker !
coz, u know what old focks say ?
"dont try to hurt someone who loves u ..
 if u do, someone you love will hurt u back" ..
"dont leave the one you love,
for the one you like ..
bcoz, the one day .. the one you like will leave you for the one thay love"

now ? is it wrong for me being me ?
just a normal,
unperfect girl ..

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