Saturday, April 9, 2011

~ Wait.Wait.Wait.~

Waiting needs Patient.
its very2 important..
tpi, ttp,. setiap pnantian msti ada cbran an ?
whOa .. actually, to be honest..
iQ xbrp ykin abOut his "tunggu" ..
coz. a nice boy like him surely have many girls craving for his love.
(not to mention i;m one of them)
and, maybe his feeling towards me like he said..
"i have the same feeling like you does"
maybe just as friend right ??
Urm, unlucky for me ..

i really do Fall 4 him, but ... urm,
i'm not sure if he is .. adoOi,
i'm confuse here, cant he just tell me the truth ?
like, just say he like me just as friend or more or sumtin..
dunt just say that "i have the same feeling" ..
its really2 confusing Sygg..
It makes me really2 woried ..
i just afraid tht if 1 day i really did wait for you ..
suddenly you've already have sumone else in your heart ..
urm, thats gonna hurt me really3 badly ..

urm, this "waitingness" is freakin me out ..

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