Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Penantian ??

Fall 4 Him . well, thats the truth right ?
iQ mmg da lma ad feeling kt bdak nie ..
feeling more that friend .
And b'coz of my Crazy2 little friends !
dea bgi taw iQ, dea ad prsaan yg sma ngn iQ ..
mmg tkjut ssngat !
Yelah an . iQ nie bknnya Cantik pun, Pandai pun sikit2 ja ..
Agak pelik ar an , mcm mna org mcm dea bole ad feeling kt iQ ..
Very2 strange an ?

Dea ad bgitw iQ .. about his feeling towards me la an ?
He said he had the same feeling, but we're still study kn ??
so, He said tht he'll wait for me until i've finished my study ..
wasnt it sweet ?

and for me, for sure i'll wait for him ..
i've fall for him remember ??

Yesterday, my friends gave my book to him ..
the book tht i express all my feelings in it ..
and ofcourse, there are a lot of his name in it !!
I was so ashame !! huhu,

This morning he gave me back tht book ..
and guess what ? he wrote sumtin in it ..
but, weird .. when my sis checked it, she doesnt saw anything at all !

well, i cant actually tell what he wrote ..
he said tht it would be "our" secrets .. ahax
but, theres 1 page tht i wrote his name really big there..
and i wrote ..
"Love'll never happen between us"
then after 1 night this book was with him .. he wrote..
"It will happen.. but, you study first.. I'll wait you study first .. ya ?"
in malay la an ?? ahaha,

Thanks Gurls ..
Apprciate it vry2 much !
Aishiteru !!


  1. so ? ?
    u should thank to us lah . . not to yell us like yestrdy . .

  2. ya3 .. i know .. huxt ..
    sowrie la

  3. hha , tuh r . teda gunaa na mrajokmrajok gn kmi kmarin . kn ad faedah nya kamii bg hazim tuh book . tgklh idea sapa ? :p
    hha , lpas ko pndah nti xdapat llh sudaa ak na kc knaa ko . thun lpas ardi , thun ne hazim . aduh ! :'(

  4. haha ! thu tkpe ! niyh tk na touching2 en dgn kte org. :D puas ?

  5. lah ko ckp ja....ama dya...


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