Friday, April 8, 2011

~ SIR day .. Pheiww ..

Hari ni kt skolh ad program SIR ..
(Speak It Right)
Well, as for me, its just a program .. i didnt actually involve in the activity to much ..
Just as a prefect . doing my job and my duty ..

As it was a SIR day prog. we need to spoke in english the whole tyme .
but, still a few tyme my malay comes out .. haha
Its Fun to speak in english ..
And i'm very2 proud when Tc. Linda said tht i'm good ..
ahaha, i'm proud :P

Oya, and i've also meet hZim ..
(We're on the same school remember)
and we just act normal. but something weird happen ..
suddenly, when hZim spoke to me and call my name ..
his friend some how doesnt actually like it ..
His friend's face was very not nice .. its scary ..
I'm just worried tht his friend would mad at me ..
But, Why ?? did i have done sumtin wrong ?

Urm, well .. its oky .
i'll ask him this monday ..
just now i;ve give my book to hZim ..
i was hoping he would give it back today ..
but, it wouldnt happen ..
guess i'll have my book on monday ..
Urm, Aishiteru ..

someone told me tht my BFF actually hate my story ..
she said tht i would make tht story so tht i could be with hZim ..
Its mean ! she is cruel !
i made tht story just for fun..
its just a story .. urm,

1 comment:

  1. someone told me tht " my BFF " actually hate my story .
    who ?
    cani ?


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