Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I miss u sayang (T,T)

haliu Readers <3
howowyou ?
i'm not feeling so well actually .
why ?
i really miss my Al-Falah friends .
i miss u guys damn much .
it havent pass a month, but i really miss the time tht i spend with u guys :'(
only ALLAH know how much i miss u guys .

Dear al-falahians ,
i wish we can turn back time,
i would turn it to the first time we met .
the first time we know each other .
the time when we started to get closed and be BFF.
but i cant .
I'm sorry ,

i know i've been bad ,
i know i've been mean
& even evil .
i know i've been such an idiot .
i'm sorry .
i'm sorry if i've any sin towards u guys  .
i'm sorry if i've been mean to u guys .
i love u guys and i want u to know that .

**to be continue [crying]


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