Thursday, February 2, 2012

My elien left me :'(

Assalamualaikum ?
Haliuu smua ,
How are you ?
kay, i"m kinda in a sad mood , so hope u guys didnt mind :)

based on the title,
i'm sure u guys know who is it right ?
yes, him !
ok, last year our 'friendship' went well .
and i must admit, it was one of the best time i've ever had .
hurm, but this year it suddenly changed .

we only talk a little , and apart for like the whole time .
maybe its all my fault right ?
i cant be the girl he wanted .
and when i inbox him a few days ago,
i was in such badmood, and 
i accidently type "just mine our own business after dis"
sumthing like tht , and when i actually cool down and see what i typed .
i was like , 'OMG ! what have i done' .
know what he replied me ?
'K then so be it'.
hurm, only God know how sad i am at that time :(
its my fault, i should control my self that time ..

know what the situation now ?
between me and him, it was like ZERO !
we havent msg each other ,
and in the class ..
i noticed he kinda like this girl ..
everytime he talk to her, he smile n laugh .
and surely he;s happy .
rather that when he's with me .. :(
know what  ? i'm jeles .
seriously, i was like ..
and even my friends noticed , i was like blurrr ..
when it comes to him :(

God, if only i can rewind that time,
i will nver type that stuff .
i want to tell him & appolgize , but .. 
my ego stops me , moreover ..
its weird when u're the one tht ends sumthing ,
suddenly , u're the one tht wants to start it back together ..:(
hurm, the monkey still in love wif the elien :(

& hoped he knew ,
everytime the time the monkey quiet, or everytime the monkey look like she didnt care ,
theres 1 thing on her mind , and its him the whole time :(

4m : munyit :p
[gile jiwang !! tpi, hakikat :(]
{no komen}

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