Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 Sos Tomato

Assalamualaikum readers ?
how are u ? fine bha kn ?
today i want to story about my new class :)
based on my not so good result, i manage to get into the science stream class .
here we call it as SAINS TULEN (ST),
but at the same time , for us we call it as 
its still the same right ?
i mean the (ST) .
In this class, we got everything that a "cool" class should be .
we got the smart one, freak, clown & even the quite one .
eventhough this class was no better that my last class when i was in form 3,
at least its not that bad .
maybe we just still havent get together well, 
so that 'shy feeling' are still there XD

As a Science Stream we got 4 new subject that we havent learn yet ,
i love all 4 of him . it was fun & really exciting :D


 its really exciting as , here we learn about the INNER .
we learn more about ourself , about our beloved body :)

2. Physics @ Fizik
 I love it becuz it makes me to ask so many question .
in physics we need to learn How ?Why ?

3. Add Maths
Seriously, i love this subject bcuz it makes us calculate more .
i love calculating & solving problems , it makes my brain working hard :)

4. Chemistry @ Kimia
 I also adore this subject becuz its fun & really exciting .
Here, we learn about the world .
moreover, we can do so much experiment .
that was my favourite part in chemistry .

 Saw those things ? ^
i always wanted to blow something with it . hehe,
i always wanted to mix those chemicals and see what happen :)
Gosh, i cant wait for that time .

Other that those 4 we also got,
 Bahasa Melayu (BM)
Bahasa Inggeris (BI)
Modern Mathematics (MM)
Pendidikan Islam (PI)
Sejarah (SJ)

and we're going to sit for our exam with all that .
its gonna be hard, i know .
but, we must try to do our best :)
Never give up &,
 keep those beautiful smile on your face, no mather how hard u've been through .
May Allah help & bless us always :)
InsyaAllah ~

Thanks for reading  :)
see u on the next post =D

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