Wednesday, December 22, 2010

★My Holidays☆

urm , oke gak ar ..
my holidays this year arent so fun ..
my parents are so busy with their work ..
most of my time just at home, shopping and at my school ..
eventhough i'm not a SPM candidates ..
my mum always hang out at her school and my dad at his ..
really bored that time ..

during thiz holiday , i rarely went to my hometown ..
just a few times with a very short period ..
its so sad .. i miss my kazen and aunt ..
urm , also miss my friends a lot ..
really2 miss to talk with them ..
during diz holiday , many things happen ..
some of it make me happy, sad and angry too ..
urm , cant wait to go to school ..
meet my friends ..
but, 1 thing i dont like bout going there nex yer is ..
no more F** ..
urm, gonna miss him a lOt ! huhu ..!
also my sis and bro ..huhu

miss !!

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