Saturday, December 18, 2010

★Love quOtes (i)☆

★ i plaY the same sOng Over anD Over, because it reMinds me Of yOu ☆

★Letters starts with ABC
Numbers starts with 123
Music starts with Do-Re-Mi
Love starts with YOU AND ME☆

★ Anyone can make you smile
Many people can make you cry
But, it takes someone really special,
tO make you smile with tears in your eyes ☆

★ A boy gives his Girlfriend 12 roses,
1 of it was a fake and said
I'll love you till the last one dies☆

★ I named my Teddy bear after yOu
so i cOuld always Love you☆

★ Lets commit the Perfrect Crime
I've steal your heart my heart and you've steal mine ☆

★ Boys are like songs no mather Good Or Bad
they always seems to stuck in yOur heart ☆

★ So theres this boy
and the way he laugh make me smile
and the way he talks give me Butterfly
and just everythings about him make me smile ☆

★ mY hearT is nOt like a hOteL wheRe yOu caN checK iN anD Out anYtiMe yOu wanT..!
mY hearT is liKe a hOuse wheRe yOu'll staY fOr tHe rest Of yOur LiFe ..
knOw whaT eVeryOne saiD .. "Home sweet home" ☆

★ somewhere between all our laugh , long talks,
stupid little fight and jokes ...
i've found LOVE ☆

★ Know what ? some of these Quotes are true abOut iqah's feeling toward someone ..
some of it iqah made by myself ..
some of it are what iqah wait for ..
and this is just a few of my collection ..
i'll make anOther post with my quotes ^^ ☆

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