Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sorry Blog :'(

Assalamualaikum ?
howowyou ?
i havent update this blog for quite a while an ?
hehew, sorry guys .
i'm kinda busy lately :)
well, i've just finished my mid-term exam a few days ago .
and i'm totally dissapointed with a few of my results -.-'

i havent actually got all the papers but only a few of em' makes me want to suicide already :(
well, i'm new to 4 subject and its killing me (T,T)
Chemist, Physics, Biology and AddMaths .
want to know my result ?
i only got my chemist and physics and its frustrting >:(
urm, i only got 32% for my chemist and 43% for my physics .
seriously, i;m so stressed out with my results .
i've promised my self .. 
for the next test on exam, i'm gonna try my very best .
early prepartion for sure :3

dear blog, i'm sorry i abandoned you all this time :)

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