Saturday, March 12, 2011

I've Fall in Love wif "Hzim"

Yes ! I've fall in  with Hzim !
Well, Hizm Bkn nma dea .. its just as a samaran ... haha,
I cant take my mind of him ! Oh.Em.Gee !! 

know why ? 
sbb Dea Caring ssangat ! Hzim . very2 nice to me !
well, wlaupun dea now 19 and i;m just 15 .. so what right ?!
urm, tpi, i wont tell him my real feeling .. 
for now, we're just friend ,.! Good friends !

Now . Half Sem. Holiday .. For a week !! 
Oh. Em. Gee !! I Miss Him !!
I Miss when he called my Full name !! huh,,
Recently . i dream about him a few times ..
urm ! and i think of him always !!
He? urm, unknown !! 
and unwanted to know ! hehe,

Whatever it is .. I MISS HIM ! 

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